April 12, 2018

Used Ferrari & The Winter Olympics

If you own a new or used Ferrari then you familiar with the power that the brand packs, both literally and metaphorically. Their road cars and their race cars are both designed for years and years by a hugely experienced team of experts, people who specialise in aerodynamic, and thrust power and engine technology. In fact, the brand is so valuable and respected that they probably have a different specialist for every tiny component of a car. It seems silly, but the commitment clearly pays off, as Ferrari are very successful in both the road car and race car stakes.

Speed is what it often comes down to when tracing and creating great fast cars, and this is an area in which Ferrari excel l - which is probably why they have decided to get involved in the Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics are actually just about to star, and this year they are being hosted in Vancouver, Canada. Although they feature all sorts of winter sports, from skiing to curling right through to ice skating, there is one particular area that Ferrari are interested - because it is the area in which their technology can be used to its very best effect.

They are concerned with researching solutions in favour of the National Sports federations in the area of projects related to technology such as aerodynamics, vehicles and materials. That is the corporate blurb - essentially they are bothered with making things that go fast, or making things go faster. They probably do contribute to other areas as well, but that is my main interpretation of the collaboration!

A lot of the work that Ferrari are doing to help prepare for the winter games is consequently involved in a few of the more relevant sports. I am thinking bob sleigh and other such sports - the ones that involve travelling at extreme speeds against the clock. The kind of sports that if any normal personal were to do them and get the delicate balance of speed and control wrong, they would probably die - or at least break something! The Ferrari contributions have been technologies for equipment for these events Autel MaxiSys MS906TS, presumably aimed at improving the sport for all involved.

What do you think of this big collaboration? Had you ever though that Ferrari and the Winter Olympics would be concepts that would go together? I can see the logic behind the team up,. And obviously it is going to be very good for Ferraris branding and publicity - but if I owned a new or used Ferrari myself I have to say I would keep it away from the snow at all costs! I suppose that is my only problem with the concept really - despite the fact that Ferraris resources and technology will n doubt make a dig difference to the teams involved Autel MaxiSys MS906BT, I struggle to see them as suitable for that sort of environment. It is a brand issue more than an issue with anything else If you are interested, team in for their first race on 13th of February and see how the sleigh race goes!

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Ferrari cars.
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