March 11, 2019

Where to Find the Best Price for Auto Repairs

Tough economic times cause more people to keep the car they already have rather than go into debt buying another one. This makes sense for families and individuals who want to keep their economic situation from worsening, but it also makes auto repairs more of a necessity.

More than ever, drivers need to control the cost of auto repairs, meaning they must choose between an independent repair shop and their auto dealer when they need to have work done on their car.

The dealer versus independent mechanic debate has raged for decades. Although many people believe their neighborhood shop will charge them fairer prices for a repair, dealerships routinely argue, saying the quality of parts and repairs at a dealership makes the extra up-front cost worthwhile because they last longer. Dealers also say their manufacturer-trained technicians perform better diagnoses and do better work installing replacement parts.

Despite the vigorous arguments from auto dealers, the independent repair shop really is a better deal. A new study by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association confirmed this though groundbreaking research that showed dealer repairs cost more than one-third more than repairs at independent shops. According to the study, vehicle owners pay almost $12 billion extra every year to have their cars serviced at a dealership.

Service Cost Differences by Brand

Curiously, the price disparity varies between dealers of foreign and domestic cars. Auto service at dealers of foreign brands cost nearly 37 percent more than service at independent shops. However, repairs for domestic brands cost less than 32 percent at dealers compared to independent shops.

Price Differences Based on Repair Type

The industry study revealed the gap between dealer and independent repairs varies based on the kind of repair performed. For example, the biggest price difference uncovered was for radiator replacements; that job cost an average of more than $325 at an auto dealer. The smallest price difference was for belt replacements. They cost about $22 more at the dealer than at other shops.

Location-based Pricing

Dealers charge more than local shops depending on location based on research data. Los Angeles and Atlanta were nearly tied for the largest price difference among the six cities that were studied: Dealers in those cities charged almost 47 percent more than other repair centers.


A vice-president for the industry association said the top reason dealerships charge more for repairs is their overhead. Dealers have more buildings, more employees x431 pro mini, higher labor costs, and other expenses that add to their cost of doing business Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS.

Expertise and Equipment

A spokesperson from the National Automobile Dealers Association repudiated the conclusion that independent shops offer better value when it comes to repairs. Pointing to the complexity of modern cars and the specially trained technicians and equipment used by dealer service centers, the spokesperson asserted that dealers offer a better overall value.

Of course, the independent industry association claims that independent shops also have the latest equipment and are compelled to complete training programs in order to remain competitive.

Time and Market Share

In the US, independent garages perform about 70 percent of all non-warranty repairs, suggesting that the general public agrees with the recent study on prices. However, dealers also have a slightly different focus. They usually work on newer cars and warranty repairs.

As the economic downturn continues, however, dealers may find their service center can help make up for slow sales. This could mean they will reduce their prices in effort to lure customers away from independent shops.

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March 05, 2019

Where and How to Get Help Finding the Parts

Looking for auto body parts? Want to fix your truck or motorbike or car? You'll surely need auto body parts if you have to repair broken parts on your vehicle OBD2 Scanner. Since most of us prefer inexpensive parts or at least the best buys, there're ways and means to find auto parts for a good deal.

Here're things you can do:

• Think of buying used parts since it's a good way of saving money on one's car. These items are usually recycled and refitted which helps the individual save money and still get a good quality original body part. Auto stores and auto garages sell these used parts but ensure you can use it in your car and that it's in a good condition before you purchase it.

• Companies that focus on remanufacturing old auto parts can be of great help to you since they can give you good offers which will help you save. At first one might think that companies that recycle aren't very common, but the truth is that many companies let individuals opt for this service.

• The parts these companies keep are usually almost new and you just need to pay a small price for them. The insurance companies get cars which have been sold and totaled and give the companies these automobiles to recycle the parts.

• Recycling is good for the environment - you're keeping the pollution down and you are going green. Recycled parts usually help save on oil since new parts require a lot of oil in the manufacturing process. Just like we recycle other things to save money as well as keep the environment clean, reusing the body parts of cars and motorbikes and trucks can be very helpful to the maintenance of our environment.

• If you're apprehensive that you wouldn't find any parts for your car, don't lose hope because you should be aware that around four million automobiles of various shapes and sizes are recycled in the United States every year, so there's actually a lot of parts available from a large range of cars!

• When one recycles, it helps reduce the pressures on the landfills that surround cities. If something can be reused it's best to be recycled than just tossed out! So when you go to a recycler autel mx808 reviews, you'll get original manufactured parts so the quality will be the same as your old part.

You can even try purchasing parts online on the internet. In the 21st century, almost everything can be sold online and some websites only focus on selling car and two-wheeler parts for cheap.

Best ways to find out which websites are offering the best price is to run through a couple of them that appear at the top of the list on Google search to the keywords like "auto parts" and the like. Once you're in, see what they're offering, check what condition the parts are in and think of how much you'd be likely to pay for them including the handling and shipping costs.

For more car care and repair tips, head to the Auto Experts at: and check out the specials in their free newsletter issues while you're there!
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