May 21, 2019

Advantages Every Auto Club Member Should Know

Statistics show that across the country, car accidents and vehicle break downs along roads and highways are a common every day occurrence. Because there are so many drivers on the road, auto clubs now play an important role in ensuring driver protection. They now provide services that extend beyond covering a driver's towing expenses.

There are many advantages to being a member of a reputable auto club that include:

Community Outreach and Education: Many auto clubs provide informational fairs or seminars to the public in an effort to provide auto educational information. For instance, outreach programs will often include educating teens about safe driving, demonstrating what it is like to be in a car crash, providing parents with information to prepare teens for driving, have their vehicle's speedometer tested, learn about various car mechanisms, and helping people to decrease their fuel consumption… Autel Maxisys MS908CV.etc.

Reasonable Membership Fees: The costs of an auto club membership can range from around $50.00 and more. The price makes for a financially sound investment since that is usually about the price of having a car towed. One tow can pay for the annual auto club fee.

Roadside Assistance Benefits: With an auto club membership you can benefit from roadside assistance that can include: towing, bringing fuel and other vehicle fluids to the scene of a breakdown, changing a flat tire, replacing lost or stolen keys, and recharging the battery. Most importantly, your safety is ensured as you will not be stuck on the side of the road late at night. All you need is a cell phone to call the auto club, and the club will usually have a towing service or technician out in about 30 minutes. Those who travel long distances often will feel at ease driving knowing that they are protected.

Travel Discounts: When you are a member of an auto club, you will receive a number travel discounts on such things as hotels, cruises, amusement parks, campgrounds, tours, and vacation packages. If you travel a lot, saving 10 to 15 percent can eventually add up to the cost of an annual auto club membership.

Trip Accident Reimbursement: If you are in an accident and are a far distance from your home, some auto clubs will reimburse you for such expenses as car rentals, commercial transportation home,( train, plane, bus) and food and lodging.

Auto Pricing Service: Some auto clubs will help you shop for a car. They will provide such information as suggested retail sticker prices, options listings, maintenance and repairs, and more.

Additional Discounts: There are a variety of other discounts that come with an auto club membership that can include discounts on vehicle insurance launch x431 pro plus, certain stores, restaurants, automotive repair shops…etc.

Legal Defense Benefits: Some auto clubs will provide legal fees for members who are charged with a traffic violation.

Hit and Run Rewards: Some auto clubs will offer a financial reward to any member who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a hit and run driver whose vehicle is responsible for an auto accident

An auto club membership is much like an investment because there are so many advantages and benefits for the amount you pay for the membership. It has become as important as having regular vehicle insurance. Auto club memberships vary from company to company so it is important to do your research and shop around before enrolling in an auto club.

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May 07, 2019

ADF'S (Auto Darkening Welding Filters

While the welder is performing weld, his safety is key factor. So, he must be provided with appropriate safety equipments. One of them is the use of Darkening Filters for protecting his eye sight; most convenient is the Auto Darkening Welding Filter launch x431 pros mini. As an Auto Darkening Welding Filter, lens or glass is used.

1) Introduction:

The first Auto Darkening Welding Filter was introduced in 1981. Before the Auto Darkening Welding Filter, helmets with tinted glass were used to prevent eye sight of the welder from welding spark lights but when arc vanishes then without removing that tinted glass helmet welder was unable to view welding spot clearly for observing weld quality and for proceeding weld from same spot autel mx808 reviews. Consequently, welder was unable to perform smooth and better quality weld.

The Auto Darkening Welding Filter was then introduced and it removed that problem of removing the helmet repeatedly and darkens the spark light automatically and automatically switches to normal position when arc vanishes. This feature of Auto Darkening Welding Filter helps welder in viewing the welding spot clearly without problem of removing helmet repeatedly for clear view of welding spot.

2) Structure:

Auto Darkening Welding Filter comprises a multilayer complex structure. In an Auto Darkening Welding Filter, there is a protective layer of lens, behind this there is a filter which protects from ultraviolet & infrared light and behind this, there is another filter known as liquid Crystal Display filter. Auto Darkening Welding Filter has a shade adjustable system, which allows us to adjust shade for controlling the intensity of arc depends on type of weld.

3) How Auto Darkening Welding Filter works:

When the welder is not performing weld, Auto Darkening Welding Filter remain in normal position in which you can see any object clearly. But when spark light occurs from arc, The Auto Darkening Welding Filter senses it within the fractions of second more faster than our eye blinks and activates the darken state of the lens. Then it reduces intensity of spark light and prevents the welder from harmful effects of spark light on eyes. As soon as arc stops, Auto Darkening Welding Filter automatically switched to normal position which allows welder to see welding spot clearly and make it easy for him to make a next weld from same spot. Also help him to position the welding rod, torch accurately.

4) Types of Auto Darkening Welding Filter:

There are two main types of Auto Darkening Welding Filter and are given below:

• Battery Powered

• Solar powered

Those which are operated by Battery are convenient while you are working indoor e.g. in workshops etc. Solar powered are convenient while you are working outdoor e.g. in fields etc where you have an exposure to sunlight.

5) Superior to Passive Lenses:

Auto Darkening Welding Filter is superior to passive Lens because of following reasons:

• It is more efficient, about 30 % more than passive lens

• It switches automatically to normal/clear position thus removes the problem of removing helmet repeatedly to observe welding quality and position the rod or torch.

• It helps in producing smooth and high quality weld as it makes the welder enable to view and focus the welding spot clearly without removing helmet.

6) Draw Backs:

Auto Darkening Welding Filters have the following Draw Backs:

• They are more expensive than passive lens

• In some models of Auto Darkening Welding Filters there are non replaceable batteries. Once they are out of order, The Auto Darkening Welding Filter is malfunctioned. However, there are Models and brands of the Auto Darkening Welding filter that do have replaceable batteries.

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