July 30, 2019

Advantages of Protecting Car Shows

The morning sun gleams over the clouds and onto some of the most sought after and beautiful cars as early bird competitors line them up at car shows all across the country. Among the cars presented are those that prestigious car clubs, (such as Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), Rollerz Only, GTO Association of America, Majestics, and Red Knights Motorcycle Club), and major manufacturers have submitted. Many of these are rare one of a kind cars, or are first-off-the-line prototypes of the manufacture's coming year's models that thousands of people from all over line up in the early morning hours just to see.

A sad, but none-the-less true, fact is that wherever there is a large crowd of people, there will always be a minority among them that would take advantage of any situation or opportunity that may present itself to vandalize or steal one of these cars, especially since they are often left overnight. With crowds as large as those found at most car shows, it is expensive to hire a security team, and when in place the security guards can only cover the most critical areas - leaving large sections of contestant cars exposed. Having a mobile surveillance system at the event, especially at night, is a practical and safe thing to do for several reasons:

Theft and Vandalism Prevention

The principal reason for a mobile surveillance system is for it to function as a deterrent to thieves and other criminals. Wherever they are present, they monitor suspicious activities, will detect a person and alerts them that they have entered a restricted or secured area, that they are being recorded on video, and that they should leave immediately. These types of cameras are equipped with DVR technology and wireless Internet in order for them to be controlled by a remote camera and viewed remotely on using any internet browser.

Legal Protection and Use as Evidence

Another excellent advantage to having a mobile surveillance system at a car show is that if any of these suspicious events are detected, the camera begins to record the criminal activity (including sound) taking place, providing legal evidence against criminals in potential prosecution cases. Many cases have been closed, and criminals have gone to prison, thanks to instances where such requisite video surveillance proof has been used CR9081.

Lower Insurance Premiums and Taxes

Depending on the contracts that a host of a car show has drawn up with insurance companies and agents to protect the competitor's automobiles, a mobile surveillance system can reduce insurance premiums over a long period of time. Also, the purchase of a mobile surveillance system can be claimed by a business as a relevant tax deduction. It is also interesting to note that in cases where there is public record of these systems, these records will protect the insurance companies from false theft and robbery claims.

These are some of the many reasons that mobile surveillance systems are advantageous in protecting car show and other event competitors from disdainful criminal activity - allowing automobile aficionados and fans to wander through the aisles of cars and appreciate the beautiful, and unmarred Autel MaxiCOM MK908Pro, sheen of their favorite makes and models as they gleam in the morning sunshine at their favorite car shows.

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