November 30, 2017

Troubleshooting Your Car's Problem

With today's automobiles, it's less likely than ever you'll turn the key and be unable to crank the engine (and keep it running). Cars, trucks, and SUVs are designed today with parts and systems that are far more advanced than those installed within their progenitors. In effect, few drivers are forced to cope with "no start" problems.

Having said that, components are fallible. They suffer wear and tear, and eventually begin to malfunction. That means you might one day find yourself turning the key and receiving no response. This article will explore several potential issues that might be causing a "no start" problem Autel Diaglink. We'll make a few suggestions regarding possible culprits and offer some tips for getting your vehicle back on the road.

Engine Refuses To Turn Over

Suppose you turn the key in your car's ignition and hear... nothing. Or, you might hear a rapid clicking sound. In most cases, this symptom is caused by a dead battery, or one with significant corrosion on the posts. To confirm whether this is the case, turn the cabin light on and try your key again. If you notice the light dimming slightly, the problem is your battery. If the light stays constant, your battery is likely fine. If the latter case is true, the issue can probably be traced to the ignition switch or starter.

Engine Turns Over, But Dies

In this scenario, you can hear the engine crank when you turn the key in the ignition, but as soon as you release the key, the engine dies. At that point, you can safely rule out the battery. It's also unlikely the starter is involved. Unfortunately, the problem can be one of many potential culprits.

Using the principle of Occam's razor, the simplest explanation would be a lack of fuel. If there's gas in the tank, we can explore other possible root causes. In order to identify the problem, you'll need to conduct a few tests. You may need to have your mechanic perform them if you lack the necessary equipment.

The first test involves the spark. You can purchase an inexpensive tester at most auto supply shops. It will allow you to determine whether a sufficient spark is being produced when you turn the key. It's worth mentioning that a lack of spark may not be resolved by simply changing out the plugs. Something else may be preventing the spark from being generated.

The second test involves checking whether fuel is reaching your engine from the gas tank. This is the job of the fuel pump. Normally, when you crank the engine, the pump engages briefly to generate pressure in the system. If you're standing next to your car with the hood lifted, you'll be able to hear it engage. If you are unable to hear the pump, there's a good chance it is failing and thus, needs to be replaced.

Even if the fuel pump is working, it may be producing an insufficient amount of pressure. This can potentially cause a "no start" problem. You can buy a special gauge that is designed to measure the pressure within the fuel system.

The third test involves checking the level of compression generated within each cylinder. For this test, you'll need another gauge. One end must be inserted into the hole in which the spark plug normally rests (remove the plug first, of course). If the compression reading from a single cylinder is low, the problem may be a bad exhaust valve. If the reading is low across all of your engine's cylinders, your timing belt may need to be replaced.

The above scenarios only represent a portion of the problems that might prevent your car from starting x431 pro mini. The issue may also be related to your distributor, ignition coil, or a vacuum leak somewhere in the system. If you're experienced with cars and have the right tools, you can check these components on your own. Otherwise, seek the help of a trained technician.

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