October 13, 2017

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Helps In Maintaining Appropriate Pressure

Tire Pressure Monitoring System is usually referred to as TPMS. As the name suggest, it helps in monitoring the pressure inside the tires of the vehicle. Tire pressure Monitoring System is located in all the vehicles that carry heavy load such as forklifts, airplane undercarriages, etc.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System is basically divided into two. One is direct TPMS and the other is indirect TPMS. This division is based on the functioning of the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Autel MaxiSys MS908.

Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System uses radio frequency technology for transferring pressure information to the driver. In direct TPMS, pressure sensors are located on the sides of the tires. Pressure transducers in the vehicle transfer the pressure information and report to the driver about the over inflation and under inflation of the tires. The major disadvantage of Direct Tire Presser Monitoring System is that it uses the battery which is very expensive.

In contrast to this, Indirect Tire Pressure Monitor System operates on different principle. This system estimates the amount of air in the tires and informs the driver about it. The number of the rotations tire takes and the speed with which it rotates decide whether the tire is under inflated or over inflated. If the tire is taking smaller rounds and is rotating faster than it means that the tires are not inflated properly i.e. they are under inflated. On the other hand, if the tires are taking more time to rotate then the tires are over inflated. So, the tires rotating at appropriate speed and taking particular number of rotations determines the pressure in the tires maxisys elite. The major disadvantage of this system is that the driver need to press reset button over again to know the status of the tires (if the tires are properly inflated or not).

Earlier, Tire Pressure Monitoring System was placed in the tires to ensure the safety of the vehicle; however the newer models come with this system. This system by informing and maintaining appropriate air pressure helps the tires to work at its full potential.

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