June 29, 2017

Spare Tyre When You Need It

Where do you store your spare tyre? Some people store their spare tyres in their storage rooms to save fuel, that is one of the most stupidest ideas I have heard in a while.

Spare tyre can vary from size and quality, but there should always be one. Spare tyre gets you the last mile when you run on flat tyre Autel MaxiSys MS908. Usually when we talk about the factory made spare tyres, which are no more than a wrist thick and can take only 80km/h, we can come to a conclusion that you will get to the nearest repair shop with this one. Some people like to buy one extra from the same set that they are driving and therefore can put the actual tyre from the same set to act as a spare tyre when you run flat. When you are going for a longer journey the latter option is the better one. You should always have a tyre that you can ride a bit longer for and preferably from the same set as the ones you are having at the moment.

I have had a few chances of changing a spare tyre (in Finnish: renkaat) to a car, which had been running on flat for a while. When you run too long with a flat tyre, your rim will get damaged and it is much harder to use the rim afterwards. This is also why you should have a spare tyre no matter what when you are driving. If you get into a situation where you run on flat tyre and you have no spare tyre, you have to drive as slowly as possible and find out the shortest route to the closest repair shop or if possible call for help. It may feel like there is no problem when running on a flat tyre but you have to realize that it damages the rims and the car so that you might not be able to fix it anymore.

When you drive and act wise, you will pack a spare tyre on your journey. This way you will make sure that you can continue travelling for a while if something happens. I have found it very hard to find the right match. The car is either or but never both. I have seen many ads and TV shows that go around test-driving these perfect sport family saloons on snowy roads and hills of Los Angeles OBD2 Scanner. When I drive these cars here in Finland around the year, I can't help but to wonder that where is the perfect feeling they tell you that you will get from the driving?

However, my test-driving almost always ends up in the same result. I want a bit fancier, a bit bigger and a bit faster and then I end up having a car on a test drive that is just a bit too expensive. Car dealers are always the same when it comes to choosing the car, they will wind you up so that you feel like you need to get the bigger and faster version. When you're test-driving the car, you realize that you necessarily don't need to get more power but more grip would do the trick. Tyres are the way of getting the grip you need. When you have the right set of tyres they will get you the extra mile when it comes to the consumption as well.

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